ok...lets see if the problem is fixed

Icant beleive i havent blogged since January. The reason I have been away was my computer had a nasty little virus that kept messing up my entries everytime I tried to blog. What a mess. This will be short and sweet, just to make sure it actually is fixed and working...here goes


Dear Pomagrante Martini...

I know we haven't spoken since Monday, I was ill. I was hoping you would make an apperance this evening, again. I am going to the theater, The Drowsy Chaperone (just incase you cared), But I imagine I will return shortly after 11pm, I do hope we can get together. It has been one of those days, that only you...can make better.




First I will start by saying...Ugg I am having such a headache with this blog, technically speaking. I switched my back ground yet I still see Santa. I can't read any of my more current posts and everytime I read one of the bloggs i am following my compter doesn't respond and shuts down...ERRR!

NEXT...Yesterday was fantastically productive...we have unchristmased the house, cleaned it, best buy on boxing day was my tree storage bag @ 50% off...the whole sucker fitsin there neat and tidy ... best 12 bucks I spent the whole day! Value just wasnt realized until yesterday. rearranged Chloes room, cleaned it all up de clutterd the hallway, we had insulation blown into the attic and I was just to pooped from everything else going on to do anything about eh real clean up until yesterday! 5 loads of laundry, ran the kids to activites and bathed the, and got them to bead on time and still had enough in me too...watch Hoaders and enjoy a yummy pomagrante bevy...so good, knocked me right out...LOL

Staying asleep was the mission that was not successful...Me and two girls who are nearly as tall as me sharing, which is not a small bed it is a King, my bed. While Daddy is away the enjoy sleeping with mom. So tonight..back to their own beds...LOL

I love when the week starts off successful it sets the tone for the rest of the week, I hope! The weather, if stays like this is right on target to make this the best week to a great New Year...pretty snow is falling and the weather is only -12 with NO windchill as of yet! BEAUTY!!!

So to up date you on my 365...Hee well...I think I will start on Saturday, catch up and stay on track! Just had to home in order to be able to relax enough to be able to focus on the hobby.

Hope everyone has a great day and Week!!


Just to update you on what I am reading, The Vampire Diaries...Book one, I also have book number two ready to go...I will keep you posted as to what i think of it, As I love the show so i hope I will not be disapointed. With hubby in for school for the next two months I have alot more ME time so i plan on curling up with a good book ALOT! Bon Nuit, Mon Amis!!!!

be creative 365...

So with that being said, my girlfriend Deena has posted a challenge to gals we scrapbook with...inspired by Julie and Julia...She has challenged herself as well us friend to be creative and do a project idealy everyday BUT as long as the items equal out to 365, you will sucessfully complete the challenge. I have accepted this challenge amd will post every item, also part of the challenge to show off what you have done and inspire others. The catch is to use what you have and buy as little as you have too! that was an added perk her husband threw in...If you saw her scrappy room you would understand...LMAO!!!

To my other scrappy friend I extend this challenge to you as well... Good Luck!


Well the stocking need to be unhung without care and shoved into a box until next year!

Well it has come to that time of the year where everything doesnt seem so pretty and shiney anymore, but messy and cluttered and the need for normal has returned. I am hoping today will be the day I can get a bunch of things done. It seems to be my sole job to undue the festities every year...UGGG! I wish there was a service I could call and they would come and un christmas the house...I dread taking down the 100's of decorations we have, wrap each one up and put away for the next 11 months! But it will not get done by itself, I am hope my neck feels better today...short story went to the dentist on monday flinched so bad i re injured an old injury, alieve and a heating pad have been my best friend. Then I can complete this daunting task...

Christmas was good as always, the girls were Merry and Bright! I think I got almost everything right...I always hate the feeling after its over...uggg all that planning and preping for that one day...then its over in a few hours. I can't beleive how fast 2009 came and went...Here's to a bright and happy New Year ... bring on 2010!!!

Have a great New Year everyone!!!

Whatcha reading....

OMGOSH...definitly not a light read...I am more than half way through, I dont want to put it down but i also hate teh places it takes me too as a Mom of girls. This is a real ride of a book. It takes you to many levels of emotions. It will be intresting to see how the book plays out on the big screen. I would imagine I will be done this book today. I didnt want to put it down last night but I just had too! Thus far i would highly reccomend this book...It really grabs you in and stirrs up emotions. I love the way the author writes the book from the prespective of Susie Salmon...and she watchs life unfold and take it toles on those she has touched from heaven. I can easily say this might be my new favorite book...